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Michaela Willner is the owner, lead designer, & chaos-coordinator at Willner Weddings. Since 2016, the Willner Weddings' team has been celebrating life through serving their clients (over 200 to date!) on their wedding day. We are best known for their ability to bring joy, calmness, and breathtaking florals to every wedding day situation. Passionate about design and crafting cohesive events, the team is focused on every little detail that makes up the big picture of a wedding, from blooms, to textiles, to vessels. The focus, love for the hard work, and heavy lifting that goes on behind the scenes of a wedding day is driven by a passion to allow their brides to ENJOY the happiest day of their life.


When Michaela is not arranging flowers or wrangling groomsmen into their proper lineup, she can be found in small-towns across Texas, where she enjoys her people, dogs, and a good glass of champagne. Whatever she does, she embraces life, seeks happiness, and cherishes the ones she loves.


Her clients always end up like family...& She can't wait to meet you!

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