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We get it...You've never bought wedding flowers before, and aren't sure where to start! We're here to help. Think of me as your extremely candid BFF who is here to tell you the truth about wedding flowers, coordination, and basically all things wedding....not just what you want to hear!

Here are some answers to the questions we get most often (as well as some you might not think to ask!).

How much will this cost?

Well, the answer is it depends... Mostly on guest count (5 centerpieces versus 25 centerpieces makes a big difference!) and wedding party size (2 bridesmaids bouquets and 2 groomsmen boutonnieres versus 10 and 10 can really add up). Our advice - if you want to lower costs, lower quantities.  On average, our clients spend between $8-10k with us for a full floral package and day-of coordination.

Can I save money by providing my own (fill in the blank)?

Whether it's vases, candles, or linens, generally the answer is no. We have wholesale buying power and a full inventory of high-quality rental goods already available, so unless you want to have 30 round table linens or 24 centerpiece vessels to keep forever, you might as well pay half price to rent ours! We also don't charge you for the items used in floral centerpieces, so providing your own vase, wood slab, or candle will not reduce the price.

What about artificial flowers, will that save money?

Actually, no...not ever (not unless you're using blooms from the dollar tree!). High quality silk florals are almost always more expensive than real blooms, so unless you're just wanting to keep your wedding bouquet forever, it's not a money-saving proposal (see what we did there?).

How do we book our date, and how far in advance?

Come in for a consultation (book one here), get a proposal from us. Then pay your 50% retainer and sign your service contract, and you're good to go! Your retainer is non-refundable once paid. Our clients typically book at least a year out. You can make any additions to your contract up to 21 days prior to your wedding date, but cannot reduce the overall value of the contract once booked.

I just want you to do our bouquets and ceremony florals, but we are going to DIY everything else. Is that OK?

We require in our contract that we are the sole floral designers for your wedding if you hire us. This is not only to protect the integrity of the overall look of your event, but also to protect your Aunt Edna from being up to her elbows exhausted and frustrated working in flowers on your wedding day (no matter how much she says she wants to and can't wait to help). No matter how well-intentioned, this often ends up looking a little less designer and a little more Pinterest-fail anyway.... Trust us, you will thank us later.

Do you take more than 1 wedding per day?

Sometimes! It really depends on the size of the wedding, and whether or not we are also coordinating. For large-scale weddings or weddings that we are also coordinating, we will only book one per day. For much smaller weddings or pick-up orders, we might book more than that. We have 2 full production teams available which makes us unique in that we can truly be in two places at once without sacrificing the level of experience and ownership presence that you get at your event.

Can you give me an itemized list of the flowers that you'll use, and the prices?

The way we price our arrangements is a little different from traditional florists - rather than a price-by-the-stem or by the arrangement approach, we price entire custom floral packages in a way that we are able to include luxury/premium blooms, and at a level that we know will "wow" you. Premium is our standard - not an upcharge. We will choose the flowers the week of your event to match your overall vision and wishlist, and will only select the ones that look the best at that time.

I don't know what to ask for that's within my budget. Can you help?

ABSOLUTELY! We are pros at making your budget work, as long as your expectations are reasonable and you've got an open mind. Just ask us what we can do for you with X dollars, and we are happy to provide suggestions in that range! We are also able to provide lots of effective ways to re-purpose arrangements after the ceremony, and stretch your budget as far as we can. Just ask!

My mom is going to be my wedding coordinator, so I don't need one.

How do I know if you're the right florist/coordinator for me?

Our clients are generally people who already know they love our work and trust our professional judgment when it comes to weddings, and they aren't meeting with us because they're just price shopping. They trust us to produce a beautiful event for them, and don't care to get caught up in all the nitty gritty little details (because they know we will take care of all of them!). They usually come to us with an overall vision, the general style and colors they're wanting, and then give us creative freedom to execute that in a custom way that is just for them! If this sounds like you - come and see us.

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